The present day successor to the Weymouth Circuit of 1830 is the Bridport and Dorchester Circuit, which still has responsibility for Tolpuddle. There are still Local Preachers serving in the tradition of the Martyrs.
The current plan can be found on the Bridport And Dorchester Circuit website.
Preaching Plan November 1829 – March 1830
Copy of the orginal preaching plan from 1829

The “Plan” has been an important document for Methodists since the early days. It shows which preachers are appointed to lead services at the various chapels in the area. The group of churches, the Weymouth Circuit, covers a wide area and the preachers had to travel considerable distances, often on foot; they would also have to spend considerable time studying and writing a sermon based on the Bible readings appointed for that day, listed at the top of the plan.

George Loveless’ name can be found in the list of preachers on the right, listed as number 8; his brother James is number 24. George preached on every Sunday from November 29th 1829 through to the end of January, including Christmas Day where he led the morning service in Tolpuddle. On several occasions he preached three times in one day: on December 13th, for example, he led a 10.30am service (10½!) at Bere Regis, then walked out to Bere Heath for a 2.30pm service and returned to Bere Regis for 6.30pm. On 29th December all the preachers would need to travel to Weymouth for their quarterly meeting at 11.00am. Neither George, nor his brother James preached on the first two Sundays in March 1830.

In 1831, Tolpuddle and other chapels in the immediate area joined the newly formed Dorchester Circuit, where it still belongs. Tolpuddle Methodist Church shares services  at the Parish Church of St John at present, although there are occasional services in the chapel focused on social responsibility as well as celebrations for Christmas and Harvest: the annual Martyrs Memorial service will be held on July 15th in 2012.

The Methodist Church, like any organization, has its own terminology.

On Trial (in left column towards the bottom) refers to Local Preachers who were still in training.  The two preachers in this category are only listed by their initials.

A Circuit is a group of churches that work together.  They share preachers and many other things.